Applied technologies

Applied technologies

Aesthetic medicine is progressing daily with the production of new high-tech devices at its core and at EstheMedis, closely following the latest developments, we offer unparalleled cosmetic laser technology.

The system CUTERA

Estemedis is equipped with three Cutera lasers; the Titan, the LimeLight and the CoolGlide. The Titan tightens and tones the skin. It uses harmless infrared light for deep dermal heating which boosts the natural production of collagen and visibly reduces the signs of aging. The LimeLight is used for the treatment of skin imperfections such as; diffuse red patches, enlarged pores and scars.  Using pulsed light it delivers a powerful and versatile treatment for vascular and pigmented lesions. The CoolGlide, for hair removal, is the first approved laser for the permanent removal of hair on all skin types. Thanks to its unique cooling method it provides optimal protection and comfort. For more information on the Cutera brand lasers go to:

The system POLLOGEN

Radio frequency technology emerged a few years ago and is constantly evolving. Estemedis uses the Pollogen brand devices; TriLipo and TriFractionel. TriLipo technology thereby uses radio frequency and the device, which deep heats the three layers of the dermis, simultaneously provokes a triple action; reduction of fat and cellulite, skin tightening and lymphatic drainage. TriLipo can treat the slackening of arms, thighs and stomach as well as the oval of the face. A revolution for aesthetic medicine, the TriFractionel is an advanced and effective technology to fight the signs of aging. The energy delivered in three “shots” creates micro-wounds which then activate the natural mechanism of cellular and collagen regeneration. The ablative action combined with the penetration of heat in the dermis, delivered by radio frequency, provokes the production of healthy new tissue. The skin becomes immediately firmer and smoother. TriFractionel allows treatment of zones such as the outline of the eyes and eyelids which were previously inaccessible using other technologies. For more information on Pollogen’s  TriLipo and TriFractionel, go to:

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